Manufacturer Partners

Roofing Concepts, Inc. is dedicated to supplying the very best materials in the industry and has developed long-standing and time-honored relationships with the top manufacturers in the business. As the independence contractor, it is our duty to demand and ensure product fulfillment for your job or project. That’s why Roofing Concepts, Inc. has secured major projects with some of the top commercial entities in the state of Ohio.

Read below to learn more about the partnerships Roofing Concepts is affiliated with and how our team can quickly and efficiently meet the needs today.

Soprema-Main Page

Experts in providing all of your commercial roofing, waterproofing and wall protection solutions. With decades of proven excellence in our industry, Soprema is Roofing Concept’s go-to choice for SBS-modified bitumen membranes, polymeric PMMA/PMA liquid applied membranes and synthetic single ply PVC membranes. For applications as diverse as roofing, below grade waterproofing, plaza deck and balcony waterproofing, air and vapor barriers and bridge and parking structures, SOPREMA has the solution.

To view a complete catalog of Soprema’s products and listings, visit their website or contact us.

Versico-Main Page

Versico, is one of the top single-ply roofing system manufacturers in the United States and focuses on supplying top-quality products for just about every aspect of the roofing industry.  Versico’s commitment to innovation in this business has helped it to become instrumental in the development of today's leading technologies in the commercial roofing industry. Versico's product offerings include VersiGard® EPDM, VersiWeld® TPO, VersiFleece® TPO and PVC, VersiFlex™ PVC, VersiFlex-E KEE HP, garden roof systems, and a complete line of insulation and accessory products.  Each of these systems comes with several warranty options ranging from five to thirty years.  Whatever your needs, Versico provides a comprehensive offering of products and services, which is why Versico is your single source for single-ply roofing.

To view the products that Roofing Concepts can help you to acquire, visit Verisco's website or contact us.


An industry leader in Polyiso Roof insulation panels for more than two decades, Hunter Panels Service the North American market with seven, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Utah and Washington.  Our newest facility is the largest in North America, we moved our NY operations in to a brand-new state of the art facility in Montgomery NY, featuring not one but two manufacturing lines and off-line capabilities.

Read more about Hunter Panel’s expertise by visiting their website or contacting us.


Mid-States Asphalt manufactures and distributes a variety of products for built-up roofing (BUR) and other commercial applications. From roofing asphalt (exclusive Trumbull Asphalt supplier) to tapered insulation components, including a wide variety of roll products, Mid-States has everything you need for your job – all on a single truck.

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Sourcing commercial building products is never as simple as it seems. This is particularly true when it comes to the type of specialty and architectural building products that we supply. It takes a collaborative effort of resources and information to get the job done right. We understand all the complexities and time sensitivities involved. This is why we have built such a strong network of people and processes to better serve all of you, our partners. We do so with flexibility that meets your needs - not ours.

Read more about Babcock Davis  by visiting their website or contacting us.

Inland Coating

We help you meet every challenge. Extreme weather. Harsh heat. UV rays. Water swelling. Ponding. Take the worry away with our fluid-applied rubber roof restoration systems and equipment coatings. They have excellent permeability and elongation to maximize protection of roofs, recreational vehicles (RVs), industrial equipment and more for years to come.

In addition to the superior waterproofing performance and durability, architects and contractors also appreciate the wide range of SEBS* coating color options. Plus, our solutions coat just about every type of roof: Metal, Hypalon, EPDM, TPO, Modified Bitumen, Flat Roof, BUR (Built-Up Roof), and Spray Foam.

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