"Roofing Concepts is able to capably assist the most comprehensive roofing projects in the field, but more importantly, demonstrates the attention-to-detail during the planning and design stages. From an architect’s perspective, design flaws are much better when identified early in the process. Adam and his team have the know-how to professionally help in the design phase, and he should get involved in the process as early as possible."

Local, Long-Time Architect


"I know that I can rely on Adam and the Roofing Concepts team for just about every aspect of the commercial roofing project. Roofing Concepts’ team and reliability are first rate. Bottom line."

Veteran Commercial Roofing Contractor of 25+ Years


"As a building owner, I must know that our projects are provided by a certified and licensed set of contractors with the best products and no worries about the warranty to ensure a successful installation. With Roofing Concepts, Adam and his crew always deliver. They are smart, resourceful, on-time and within budget. I highly recommend Roofing Concepts, Inc."

Major Northeast Ohio Building and Properties Owner